Mill Support Services


Fisher International provides a variety of Free Services to help mill managers assess their mill’s competitive position, performance, and productivity including:

  • Mill and Paper Machine Cost Benchmarking

  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Benchmark Report

  • Water Survey and Report

  • Locating critical, hard-to-find spare parts in an emergency

  • Fisher is able to provide these services because we maintain a database that contains basic asset information about every pulp and paper mill in the world. Our database, analytical tools, maps, surveys, and special reports are used by paper industry suppliers and investors to understand the needs of each and every mill in the world. When suppliers understand your mill, they can offer you better and smarter solutions.
    Fisher uses these same resources to deliver useful services to mills around the world free of charge.

    Mill and Paper Machine Cost Benchmarking

    Mill managers use this service to see where their mills sit on a cost curve and to compare their manufacturing costs in major categories to those of their peer group. Mills can receive a free confidential report benchmarking their mill or machine against the rest of the industry in a variety of ways.

    Customize your analysis:

    • At the Mill or Paper Machine Level

    • By Grade or Finished Product

    • For Global or Regional Markets


    (Note: For the purpose of this comparison, Fisher does not divulge the identity of the other mills being benchmarked.)

    To receive a free customized report, please Contact Fisher today.

    Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Benchmark Report

    We have modeled the CO2 footprint of every mill in the world and can compare any mill to its peer group. If you would like to see where your mill sits on the FisherSolve™ CO2 curve, please let us know. We will confirm your key input factors and then send you a comparison of your mill’s CO2 footprint to others’ making similar products.


    CO2 Footprint Analysis is available for every Machine, Mill, Company, Country, Region, etc. To receive a free benchmark report of your mill’s carbon footprint, please Contact Fisher.

    Water Survey and Report

    Receive a free copy of “The Global Pulp and Paper Industry Water Benchmark Report” by simply participating in our water survey. Contact Fisher.

    Water has become an increasingly important strategic issue in the pulp and paper industry, potentially affecting the ability of a large number of the world’s mills to operate at capacity. Fisher International conducted a study of the topic and has published its findings in this report.

    The report is intended to help environmental managers understand how water issues are affecting pulp and paper mills around the world as they benchmark their own positions and evaluate their policies. Following are two sample graphs from the report.



    Locating critical, hard-to-find spare parts in an emergency

    During an emergency or unplanned shutdown, mills call Fisher to help them locate a critical spare part. Within minutes, using the Fisher database, we can generate a contact list of mills likely to have the necessary spare. Parts we've helped mills locate in the past include:

    • Suction rolls

    • Turbine parts

    • High pressure outlet devices

    • Refiner cover plate assemblies

    • Large motors

    • Large specialized bearings

    Fisher can also connect you with our roster of academic and supplier contacts throughout the world to find specific technical expertise to solve difficult problems. If you are interested in this free service, please contact us at +1 203.854.5390 or email

    We help suppliers serve mills better. We help mills work smarter.

    Fisher welcomes hearing from mills about services that would help us help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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