FisherSolve Tools

See the Data

As the industry’s most comprehensive database, FisherSolve puts a remarkable array of details at your fingertips. You can look up whatever you want to know about any pulp or paper mill, line, machine, company, country, or region in the world and find the information you need in granular detail or aggregated to any level that serves your objective.

FisherSolve’s built-in analytics also lets you segment the information any way that answers your unique questions. Whether you are looking into ownership, production, equipment, costs, fuel, water, CO2 emissions, fiber, furnish, finished product, etc. – you will get a consistent picture in tables, graphs, charts, maps, trend lines, flowsheets, news and project reports, and so much more.

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Ask Questions

Unique to FisherSolve is its ability to answer questions that help you differentiate your business from competitors. Our powerful, proprietary filtering technology puts great capability in your hands, as if you had a team of consultants at your disposal. You can quickly and easily select, segment, sort, drill down and roll up the data to extract nuanced understanding from every fact in FisherSolve‘s rich database.

You need the ability to analyze your market and competitive situation precisely as your particular situation demands. FisherSolve’s versatility and power is what helps you capitalize on your company’s strengths.

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Create Reports

Once you’ve selected a segment to analyze, FisherSolve‘s reporting tools allow you to visualize it exactly as you need to. One-click maps, graphs, tables and lists get you started quickly and allow you to tweak your views until you have the understanding you seek. Features allow you to save, export and share your results with colleagues.

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Analyze Costs

FisherSolve contains powerful benchmarking tools to analyze cost data in meaningful ways. Cost curves show competitiveness for a complete spectrum of inputs (fiber, pulps, energy, labor, materials, chemicals and minerals, logistics and tariffs, overhead, capital costs, ongoing capex, and credits). Powerful analytics, such as drill-down/roll-up, “What-If” scenarios, energy balance tables, consumables market analysis tools, and much more, help you go far beyond just benchmarking. And, because the FisherSolve cost data is integrated with its asset and production data, there is confidence-instilling transparency and logic behind every data field.

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Assess Risk

FisherSolve’s Viability Benchmarking is a predictive tool that ranks the economic health and competitiveness of mills and machines.

Drill down and roll up at any level by region, country, company, mill or machine for any production process available in the rich FisherSolve database, and for any combination of risk factors.

Report your findings in tables, bar and stack graphs, or bubble charts. Show the logic behind your risk assessment using the integrated data in FisherSolve’s asset, production, and cost databases to support your conclusions with clarity, transparency, and confidence.

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Benchmark CO2 Emissions

FisherSolve‘s energy and equipment information is so detailed and complete that we have been able to model the carbon emissions of every mill and line in the world.

This tool is a breakthrough for the pulp and paper industry as it lets you benchmark the carbon footprint of every asset across various scopes (from gate-to-gate through cradle-to-destination).

As carbon cost becomes a disruptive force that affects competitiveness, this tool will help investors, suppliers, and managers identify the position held by each player and who will require abatement at what stage.

As with all FisherSolve analytics, you can drill down and roll up at any level to derive actionable insights.

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Model Scenarios

FisherSolve allows you to define your view of the industry’s future and analyze it the way you see it. For example, with the M&A Scenario Planner, you can create hypothetical combinations of companies and see their impact. You can use Virtual Mills to see how rebuilds and greenfield mills will perform and how they will affect the landscape. With “What-If?” tools, you can see the impact of major economic influences such as currencies or energy prices. Filtering can show the impact of closures on market segments and cost curves. FisherSolve can import and remember your planning assumptions so analysis stays consistent with the rest of your strategic plan.

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Track Capacity Change

The Capacity Trends tool makes it easy to see the changes that are occurring in the industry, both what’s happened in the past and what’s been announced for the future. You can roll up and drill down into trends data to see changes at macro levels such as by region and major grade or at micro levels right down to each machine, mill, and Finished Product. Reports offer tables and a variety of graphs that you can configure your way.

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A large group of FisherSolve users is mill suppliers who benefit from tools designed specifically to help sales and marketing people. Tools already available include sales force automation and ROI justification applications.

Sales force automation (some people call it “CRM”) has three highly unique and important benefits: it saves sales people immense amounts of time because Fisher updates customer data; it dramatically increases usage rates because it already contains information that sales people want; it increases productivity because it is designed specifically for people serving the paper industry. Fisher creates custom applications on request.

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Integrate Sales Data

Data in silos have limited value. Sales histories, for example, show what happened but not why. By integrating your sales history with the market data in FisherSolve, you can see the trends and patterns that are driving your performance. Seeing where you are getting more than your share – and where you aren’t – lets you know where to replicate successes and remedy weaknesses.

Special Features

FisherSolve is full of conveniences that make it possible for anyone to get insights and do detailed analysis. For example, roll-up and drill-down features allow you to see data on individual machines or summaries at higher levels of aggregation like mill, company, country, region, grade, major grade, etc.

Or, to update recurring reports faster and more reliably, our “iReport” feature remembers all your assumptions and report designs for your entire PowerPoint presentation, Excel workbook, or Word document. One click reproduces the whole thing when you’re ready to update it.

Or, to get really creative with your analysis, get in touch with one of our experienced industry consultants. We make them available to help you fully capitalize on the power of FisherSolve.