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Mill suppliers use Fisher’s business intelligence to get the most out of product development, sales, and marketing investments.

Corrugate/box producers, suppliers and purchasers use Fisher’s intelligence to understand packaging markets.

Investors use Fisher’s business intelligence resources to identify opportunities and evaluate risks and potential returns.


China Insights

Better Data. Better Intelligence. Better Decisions.

Delivering news, insight, pricing and economic data on
China's Pulp and Paper Industry

The Key to Understanding the Pulp and Paper Industry in China

A business intelligence resource unlike any other

China's Pulp and Paper market is the largest in the world. Because of its size and complexity, keeping up with developments there can be challenging. China Insights from Fisher International can help you stay up to date with analysis of the latest news by Fisher's China-based experts as well as the latest pricing and economic data.

China Insights can help if you require in-depth insight into the effect of global news for the Chinese Paper Industry. These insights are relevant for you if you:

  • Have operations in China
  • Supply Chinese mills with equipment or raw materials
  • Compete globally with China's pulp and paper companies

The expert analysis found in China Insights is fueled by FisherSolve™, a business intelligence system containing highly detailed and complete information on every pulp and paper mill in the world. It describes the assets, production, operations, environmental flows, costs-of-production, long-term viability, carbon footprint and more for all pulp and paper mills producing 50+ TPD.

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China Insights

What is included?

China Insights analyzes the news and the numbers much more deeply than other products about Chinese markets. Its depth is what makes China Insights a valuable asset when it comes time to make high value, capital-related decisions.

China Insights is available with an annual subscription (12 issues per year) in either Chinese or English.  Select a feature below to read excerpts from the July 2020 issue in English. Request full samples in Chinese and English at the bottom of this page.

News & Analysis

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Paper Grade Pricing

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Macroeconomic Data

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Analysis of Macroeconomic Data

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