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Introducing  Recycled Fiber 360, a Transaction-Based Recycled Fiber Price Benchmark

Buyers and sellers of OCC and other recycled fiber products want reliable, actionable data on the US market - and now it's here.

The best way to reduce uncertainty with price discovery is to build an index based on actual market transactions. The OCC market is similar to the complementary feedstocks we’ve worked with – and during our experience, we’ve seen the benefits of reliable data based on actual market transactions in these markets.

In our eBook, The Gap Between Recycled Fiber Price Indices and Actual Transactions, we look more closely at:

  • The current market conditions that led us to build this product

  • The features of our new Recycled Fiber 360 benchmark

  • Three use cases that demonstrate the advantages and opportunities Recycled Fiber 360 can provide during fiber sales

Download our eBook to learn more about how you can utilize our Recycled Fiber 360 benchmark.