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Pillars of Our Process 0

Accurate, complete and extremely detailed pulp and paper industry data available through no other resource

Powerful and flexible tools accompanied by an interface that was made to find the answers to your unique questions

Our consultants are industry experts who understand your business objectives and work with you to achieve your goals

All databases are not equal

When thresholds of completeness and accuracy are not met, the answers you get are seriously degraded. Those thresholds turn out to be very high – higher than are met by any other database in the paper industry except FisherSolve.

The FisherSolve database is mathematical, methodical, labor intensive and subjected to thousands of validation rules written by industry experts who understand paper making. The reporting tools and analytics are powerful and flexible because its integrated database was carefully designed to answer any type of question, simple or complex.

Our Consultants around the world provide our subscribers with the extra support they need to do strategic and tactical projects. The fact is, there is no other system like FisherSolve. Not in the paper industry nor in any other process industry.