Producers use Fisher's business intelligence to understand their operating and competitive environment.

Mill suppliers use Fisher’s business intelligence to get the most out of product development, sales, and marketing investments.

Corrugate/box producers, suppliers and purchasers use Fisher’s intelligence to understand packaging markets.

Investors use Fisher’s business intelligence resources to identify opportunities and evaluate risks and potential returns.


Business Intelligence as a Strategic Weapon

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Rod Fisher, Special Advisor, Fisher International

Rod Fisher kicks off the fall Webinar series with a discussion of the role that Business Intelligence should play in every company’s decision-making process. He illustrates his talk with case studies such as completing M&A, managing sales resources, valuation dispute, product development analysis, and supply chain optimization.

This webinar from Fisher International's Rod Fisher explores three principles of using business intelligence to take performance to the next level:

  • Principle # 1: getting full value from business intelligence requires a corporate culture of data-driven decision making
  • Principle # 2: a business intelligence system must be quantifiably reliable (which can happen only by meeting certain requirements, one of which is near-perfect data quality)
  • Principle # 3: a business intelligence system must have the power and flexibility to address any differentiated, precise question its user asks (which can happen only with enough data detail, foundational database structure, and tool design)

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