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Analyzing the North American Corrugated Market

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White Paper

Matt Elhardt, Vice President, Global Sales

The North American containerboard segment is an industry in its own right – accounting for a third of all pulp and paper production in North America and growing.

In 2016, there was just over 39 million tons of production capacity of linerboard and medium generating $35 billion dollars in revenue including downstream sales of corrugated containers. Not only is the market big, but it is complex – with over 600 papermaking sites and corrugating facilities spread across the continent serving tens of thousands in customers.

In this paper industry commentary, we’ll use our latest product – FisherSolveCorrugating – to show how we can turn this complexity into insight that supports better decision making.

For example, we can analyze the differences between production of board (at paper mills) and its consumption to understand trade flows within the continent.

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