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Business Cycles – Questions Executives Need to Ask

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Katie Mencke, Senior Consultant, Fisher International

The highs and lows of paper industry business cycles are driven by industry response to supply and demand, mega-trends, and disruptions. This webinar explores how business cycles influence decision marking in the paper industry, and how those decisions shape business cycles in turn.

How can leaders in the pulp and paper industry (PPI) predict the next trend? The next expansion? The next recovery? Which ‘crystal balls’ of predictability are better than others?

The industry is complex and capital intense, with many factors impacting its various segments. As in other industries, PPI business leaders must rely on the ability to better understand and respond to the cyclical nature of the industry to make decisions that will lead to better profitability, shareholder value and longevity.

Successful businesses do not depend upon guesswork. They leverage good business intelligence based on an understanding of factors that have impacted historical performance and then use that knowledge to calculate how their segment of the industry will behave in the future.

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