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Could Consumer Focus on Sustainability Disrupt the Tissue Business?

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Bruce Janda, Senior Consultant, Business Intelligence, Fisher International

What does sustainability really mean in the production of tissue products? Fiber? Water? Or, is it carbon footprint? Would individual mills be advantaged or disadvantaged if tissue product sustainability became a target of consumers or governments in a regional market?

This webinar explores the following questions:

  • Water factors are potential disruptor only in water stressed local areas. Why doesn’t the cost of water wasted get more attention in papermills?
  • Carbon tax or restriction could have a major disruptive impact on individual mill cost position within a country or region. How will they be calculated?
  • Product Greenwashing is common by manufacturers, facilities, and interest groups. Will consumer, government, and industry focus shift to real issues?
  • Plastic wrap replacement by paper is a potential disruptor that could come quickly in several markets. Why is a paper product packaged in plastic?
  • Most Tissue ships by volume, not weight. Can product footprint redesign reduce transport carbon footprint?
  • What is next? How will your mill(s) or product be affected?

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