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Why Are Foreign Companies Investing in North American Pulp and Paper?

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Patricia Marques, Senior Consultant, Business Intelligence, Fisher International

Foreign pulp and paper producers continue to establish a manufacturing footprint in North America in almost every major grade. Last year alone over 10 mills changed hands to foreign ownership. Will this influx continue? If so, how will it affect incumbents and the domestic market overall?

Foreign-owned mills enjoy over 15 percent capacity share in the market pulp supply in North America, 10 percent in tissue, and more than 20 percent in specialties, for an average of about 10 percent of total North American pulp and paper production overall. While there is also a meaningful share of foreign-owned production in the declining printing and writing segment, some of these machines are already committed to be converted to produce more attractive grades like containerboard.

This webinar explores the following questions:

  • Where are the most foreign-owned investments coming from?
  • What are the most invested grades?
  • What are the motivating factors for such investments?
  • What is the market impact?

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