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Can India Surpass China as the New Growth Engine in Pulp and Paper?

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White Paper

Urban Lundberg, Senior Consultant, Fisher International

Over the last 10 years, China’s growth in the paper market has been meteoric, but that trajectory is starting to slow down. It is possible that India can take over as a growth engine for the pulp and paper industry?

China and India comprise more than one-third of the world’s population (the number one and two countries, respectively), with India predicted to exceed China’s population by 2024. Its already large economy is also expected to surpass the United States as the second-largest global economy by 2030 by a significant margin.

Today, India is the 5th biggest paper producing country in the world behind China, United States, Japan and Germany, yet it accounts for only 4% of global paper production.

Per capita paper consumption shows healthy growth (up 6.4% 2013 vs. 2016), but its per capita consumption is still at a very low level (13kg) when compared to the global average (57kg).

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