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Where Will the Tissue Market Be in 2025?

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White Paper

By Cathy Greenleaf, Senior Consultant, Fisher International

Along with Packaging, Tissue and Towel (T&T) has been a stalwart segment for our industry even as other grades suffer fluctuating performances. And, with the world population growing at just over 1% per year to exceed 8 billion by 2025 (an increase of about one billion people), the consumption of T&T is also anticipated to increase.

But just how many more tissue machines will be added by 2025? What types of machines will they be? Who will build them? How big will they be? And just how much additional revenue can suppliers expect in support of the new machines?

As with any other economic sector, the Pulp and Paper Industry has its own “common sense” knowledge. One of them is the concept that T&T production grows in tandem with population. But of course, if that were true, China’s T&T capacity would be a tiny fraction of what it actually is today since China’s population growth has averaged 0.5% per year over the past ten years while tissue capacity and tissue lines have nearly quadrupled in that same period. For emerging economies, GDP is a primary driver of T&T growth.

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