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Will Small Uncoated Freesheet Paper Machines Continue to Prosper in China?

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White Paper

Amy Chu, Senior Consultant, Business Intelligence, Fisher International

China’s paper industry has grown significantly in the last two decades, and an expansion of uncoated freesheet capacity is one of the reasons the growth has occurred. Even with the electronic revolution, uncoated freesheet capacity in China increased at a pace similar to GDP growth over the last decade.

Growth has been so rapid, in fact, that in 2011, China exceeded U.S. capacity and became the largest uncoated freesheet producing country in the world, with total capacity reaching 10.8 million tonnes in 2018, or 7.2 kilograms per capita.

A closer look at China’s uncoated freesheet segment, however, shows a structure that is drastically different from western countries, or even its neighbors.

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