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Recent Posts

July 02, 2020
Amazon, HP Ditching Plastics for Sustainable Paper Packaging
The push for a more sustainable planet continued in June as both HP and Amazon announced major initiatives to cut down on the use of single-use...
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June 10, 2020
Paper Packaging Has Become Preference of Europeans, Survey Says
Two Sides Europe recently released the results of a survey that measured packaging preferences of 5,900 consumers in Europe. The results bode well...
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June 02, 2020
Discussing the Past, Present, Future of the Tissue & Towel Industry
Toilet paper supply and demand has charged to the forefront of the pulp and paper industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mills have added shifts...
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May 27, 2020
United States Consumers Greatly Prefer Paper Packaging, Survey Finds
Two Sides North America recently released the results of a survey that measured packaging preferences of 2,000 consumers in the United States. The...
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May 22, 2020
Pulp & Paper News: Top Industry Headlines of the Week
The following is a collection of headlines from the week from FisherSolveTM Next news and other sources. 
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May 19, 2020
7 Ways the Pulp & Paper Industry Has Helped Fight COVID-19
Despite the hardships and sadness caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a sense of community, compassion and empathy has shone through around the world.
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April 16, 2020
Fisher International Launches Free Interactive COVID-19 Map
The COVID-19 pandemic has raised countless questions and provided very few answers about the future of the pulp and paper industry.
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March 10, 2020
Toilet Paper & Coffee Cups: COVID-19 Continues Shake-Up of Paper Industry
The continuing spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has taken its toll on financial markets, major gatherings, and individual industries.
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