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Take Control of Volatile Export Prices with Market Optimizer

March 01, 2023

As global competitiveness in the pulp and paper industry accelerates, producers and exporters alike have many doubts about whether they’re really selling into an area where they can earn the highest margins. Some of the questions they ask include:

  • Am I maximizing my sales?
  • Are there options to increase my profitability?
  • Where would I be most competitive?
  • How should I set my pricing to compete with local costs?

Oftentimes, producers will look to the major, dominating markets that are already established and target those places as their export destinations. By using these destinations as a fallback, they aren’t exploring their possibilities in detail. The result: they are missing advantageous opportunities that could ultimately increase their profits.

To make faster and more profitable decisions, producers and exporters in the pulp and paper industry require a matrix view of local competitors’ costs in multiple destinations. The simple fact of the matter is this: until now, there has been no way to compare your logistics costs to other competitors’ costs.

The New Way of Doing Business: Market Optimizer

Fisher International, a ResourceWise company, has worked hard to bring the industry the first tool for producers to verify both market size and competitiveness in a single view with its new FisherSolve module, Market Optimizer.

Market Optimizer is a unique price benchmark that offers all the following features:

  • Your freight hypothetically placed in 100+ destinations worldwide in a single chart.
  • An analytical view of your competitiveness in various locations.
  • The weighted cost average of the most competitive mills in each area, indicating the advantages or disadvantages of your selected mill in each area.
  • Import information on up to 58 select countries.

With Market Optimizer, you can understand how to better allocate your volume globally to maximize your profits and explore markets that you have never previously considered. Our module provides you with a matrix view of our information, illustrating how your selected mill would compete in multiple destinations worldwide. You can use these insights to optimize your profits with just a few clicks.

To learn more about volatile export trends and how Market Optimizer can help give you the transparency needed to confidently form your strategic path to higher profitability, download the white paper below. 

Download White Paper

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