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John Greene

Recent Posts

October 07, 2022
America’s Forests and Its Forest Products Can Store Carbon for Decades
The primary forested regions of the contiguous US—Western North America (including the Pacific Northwest [PNW], US South, and Eastern North America...
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August 03, 2022
Batteries Made with Renewable Wood Could Help Alleviate Energy Pressures
When we think of innovative battery technologies and some of the scalable, successful products that have been developed over the last decade, one...
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June 15, 2022
Delivered Wood Prices Spike in the Lake States Amid Inventory Crunch
After spending the better part of two years in the doldrums – a period which saw a significant dropofff in demand due to the closure of two large...
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April 28, 2022
Case Study: Demonstrating the Sustainability of a Working Forest
To the casual onlooker, it seems counterintuitive that harvesting and utilizing trees could result in increased forest sustainability. At a granular...
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April 07, 2022
As Oil Prices Skyrocket, Will Delivered Wood Prices Follow?
We addressed this common question last year as oil prices began trending up in late 3Q2021. And while the answer is “no” under normal circumstances,...
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December 21, 2021
Forest2Market’s Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2021
Much like 2020, the global forest products industry has undergone significant changes this year – some expected, and some unexpected. However, the...
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December 09, 2021
Labor Challenges Part 1: Where Have America’s Workers Gone?
Over the last 20 years, the US population has grown by roughly 17% as a result of adding over 50 million new inhabitants. For scale, that’s...
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August 18, 2021
Delivered Pulpwood and Wood Fuel Prices Mixed in 2Q
The 5-year delivered price trends for pine and hardwood pulpwood, as well as wood fuel in the US South have demonstrated a fair amount of volatility;...
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June 16, 2021
Labor Shortages Continue to Confound Economy
"Strong demand is a good problem to have, but that demand is increasingly straining manufacturers' ability to keep pace," said Jim Baird, chief...
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March 01, 2021
How Much Carbon is Stored in US Forests?
Americans use an incredible amount of energy. While the US comprises just over 4% of global population, we consumed over 100 quadrillion British...
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August 12, 2020
Pulp & Paper Products Consume 50% of Harvested Timber in US
This post originally appeared onForest2Market's Market Watch blog. When it comes to the issue of managing America’s forests, environmental and...
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May 28, 2020
COVID-19 Driving Decrease in GHG Emissions & Energy Prices
This post originally appeared onForest2Market's Market Watch blog.
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May 18, 2020
Changes to Struggling P&P Segments Will Accelerate Under Pandemic
This post originally appeared on Forest2Market's Market Watch blog. Structural changes in markets are often caused by profound changes to the...
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