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Mill suppliers use Fisher’s business intelligence to get the most out of product development, sales, and marketing investments.

Corrugate/box producers, suppliers and purchasers use Fisher’s intelligence to understand packaging markets.

Investors use Fisher’s business intelligence resources to identify opportunities and evaluate risks and potential returns.


Marko Summanen

Marko is the VP of Business Development for the forest vertical in Europe.

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September 27, 2022
10 Interesting Facts about the Current State of the Pulp and Paper Industry
A heightened sense of uncertainty continues to plague various aspects of our lives as global geopolitical trade flows and economic structures remain...
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August 11, 2022
Why Is Kraft Paper Demand Rising and Where Is it Heading?
Kraft packaging paper has maintained a roughly 4% share of all fiber-based packaging capacity since 2015, however, as of late, the relative share of...
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May 23, 2022
How the Transition to a Greener Economy Could Impact the P&P Industry
We now live in an era where the world has come to the realization that we cannot keep consuming our natural resources in the way we once did. As a...
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December 08, 2021
Pulp & Paper Industry Trends to Watch in 2022
The Pulp and Paper industry is booming and new innovations and trends are constantly emerging across multiple sectors. Within the past year, there...
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April 27, 2021
Escalating Pressure for European WFU Producers Raises Essential Questions
The ground continues to shift across the EU as demand patterns in the woodfree uncoated (WFU) segment have driven manufacturers to make some...
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April 14, 2020
How Accurate Data Intelligence Can Help Suppliers Survive Coronavirus
In a recent blog we discussed how the impacts of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have rewritten how the Pulp and Paper industry will function and...
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April 09, 2020
Forecasts Show Coronavirus Has Rewritten Strategy & Financial Targets
The Pulp and Paper industry is under a historical stress test right now. Coronavirus has infected every part of the industry as demand in some grades...
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